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Nitto Cycling Components and Accessories manufactured in Japan

Nitto Cycling Components and Accessories manufactured in Japan

Posted by Sprockets UK on 3rd Apr 2023

When the fixed gear cycling trend surged

Nitto stepped into the spotlight and engaged a younger generation of riders. The newfound visibility brought opportunities, and since then, it has become one of Sprockets UK most beloved products! By supplying both functional and aesthetically pleasing accessories, Nitto has continued to strive for innovations that improve rider experience.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in craftsmanship and quality, then you need to check out the Nitto Alloy Drop Handlebars. These handlebars are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards, and they are sure to give you an unbeatable riding experience.

In particular the Nitto B135AA Alloy Drop Handlebars are made of lightweight aluminum alloy for superior strength and durability. The wide, design of the handlebars provides excellent control and stability, and the ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable ride.

Nitto Alloy Drop Handlebars 

also feature a wide range of mounting options so they can be used with a variety of Nitto stem sizes and angles. This makes it easy to customize your setup to suit your riding style. 

If you’re looking for a handlebar that is both lightweight and durable, then the Nitto Handlebars are the perfect choice. 

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